Accessibility for every student

When all students can fully participate in the learning experience in their own way, everyone benefits. That's why we create Google for Education products with accessibility in mind, to help every student learn, be inspired, and achieve their full potential.

A student, about 10-13 years old, listens to a lesson on his headphones, focuses intently on a Chromebook.

Engaging students across needs and learning styles

Students in the same classroom learn in different ways. To support all students, we design technology to help educators meet the needs of every student, including those with impaired vision or hearing, physical disabilities, and diverse approaches to processing new information.

At Google, we believe accessible design is just good design. We create Google for Education products with accessibility in mind, to help every student learn, be inspired, and achieve their full potential.

Tools for all students

Building strategies for lifelong learning

When students have the tools they need and understand how to use them, they build confidence and develop learning strategies that can help them for the rest of their lives. Features such as visual aids, closed captioning, and real-time collaboration in G Suite help overcome barriers to learning for all students, whether they have a lifelong or temporary disability, or learn best under specific conditions.

A student wearing headphones is deeply immersed in a lesson on a phone or tablet.
A student uses the keyboard on his Android tablet.

Personalized learning

Unlocking access to inspiring experiences for all learners

Providing options for how students can use technology and do their work creates pathways to learning for all students. For example, Chromebook features such as ChromeVox and Select-to-Speak aid students who need visual or audio support while giving all students different ways to access information. Once you customize settings on a Chromebook, they’re applied every time a student logs in on any device, saving time and keeping students focused on learning.

Inclusive experiences

Empowering every student to participate and succeed

Every student brings a different set of strengths, perspectives, and needs to the classroom. From text magnification to voice typing to Braille support, Google for Education products make it easier for all students to learn side-by-side with their peers. Chrome extensions create even more possibilities for learning experiences that are both individualized and inclusive.

A female student rests her hand contemplatively on her chin as she absorbs a lesson.

“What works for kids with special needs works for everyone. The strategies that work, just work.”

Suley Castillo, Instructional Coach, Dallas ISD

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G Suite for Education

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Chrome OS and Chromebooks

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