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Access greater security controls with Google Workspace for Education Standard

Education Standard includes all the features of Education Fundamentals, as well as advanced security and analytics tools that help you proactively protect data and privacy, and safeguard your school community against evolving security risks.

Proactive security

Prevent, detect, and remediate security threats

  • Prevent threats, automate monitoring centrally, and improve security effectiveness with the security center dashboard

  • Detect incidents by optimizing settings for your domain, campus, department, or class with the security health page

  • Identify, block, and remediate phishing, spam, and other breaches with the investigation tool

  • Set rules to automatically scan or run email attachments to identify potential threats with a security sandbox

Administrative controls

Set centralized security controls to manage access within your domain

  • Keep your school’s mobile data secure by managing devices and apps, performing audits, and enforcing rules with advanced mobile management

  • Define data regions to limit or distribute data where required

  • Set permissions to manage file sharing and app access for individuals, groups, departments, and outside organizations

  • Easily migrate user and log data from Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, Box, or another Google Workspace for Education domain

  • Use dynamic groups to automate group membership based on user attributes

Analysis and insights

Optimize your system with advanced data and insights

  • Export Gmail and Classroom logs to generate insights for analysis in BigQuery, or your own tools

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Find answers to commonly asked questions

What is the price of this edition?

For information on Google Workspace for Education pricing, please visit our comparison chart.

What’s included in Education Standard?

Please visit our comparison chart to review the full feature set included in Education Standard.

Are there different tiers of pricing for some users versus all users at my institution?

No. Since Education Standard is priced by enrollment (per student), your institution can bring Education Standard benefits to the entire education community. For every four student licenses bought, you’ll receive one staff license. The minimum purchase requirement is determined by school size, so you never purchase more than you need.

How do I purchase this edition?

Education Standard is available through these authorized Google Workspace for Education partners. To get in touch and learn more, please complete the form here. If you’re already working with a partner, you can reach out to them directly.

Can schools purchase Education Standard for just some of the school’s faculty/staff?

No, Education Plus and Education Standard are both licensed as full-domain editions. Schools can purchase licenses of either Education Plus or Education Standard according to the total student enrollment.

Are there staff and student licenses in the Education Standard edition?

Yes, schools purchasing Education Standard and Education Plus for all students will receive one staff license for every four student licenses purchased.

Are there differences between the staff and student licenses?

No, the same features and capabilities are available for all Education Standard licenses.

How much storage does Education Standard offer?

Institutions with Education Standard have a shared pool of 100TB of storage, which they can manage and allocate as they see fit. Please reach out to your admin to explore options for additional storage. Please visit our Help Center for more details.

Where can I learn more?

Visit our Help Center for more details on Education Standard.

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